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Commercial Lifts

PLS offer a range of commercial application lifts for new or existing low to medium rise buildings such as; multi-level housing developments, retail stores, offices, motels and hotels.

Commercial Lifts design and installation   Prestige Lifting Services

Why scurry when you can ride in comfort – grasp up your destinations in style with PLS commercial lifts.


A Must Have!

Commercial lifts are not an option anymore – if you want the visitors to do the businesses with you, then, you will, have to provide them, with a convenient, hassle-free and comfortable experience. Installing commercial lifts in your buildings can be an answer to your want!

Commercial lifts do not only allow the visitors to move about in comfort in the building, but also provide, easy carrying of the purchased items. They can even carry all their purchases in a trolley and roam around freely, searching and getting through the different items of interest.

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We guarantee safety and perfect operation by maintaining a large number of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and doors in institutional and office buildings. A diverse number of hotels place their trust in use to maintain their elevators, escalators, walkways and doors. We help care for people by maintaining elevation and accessibility solutions in perfect condition at hospitals and residences.

Multiple Benefits

Commercial lifts are an investment – they do not only offer feasible and easy movement to the visitors, but also add value to your building. The PLS commercial lifts do not only provide functional benefits, but also add up in enhancing the overall beauty of your building. The custom designs, produced by our company, go well with your preferences, and the aesthetic demands.

PLS commercial lifts provide:

  • easy access to all the floors of your building – no matter how many floors there are
  • a safe way to move around in your building
  • flexibility – bring ease to the people with mobility issues (e.g. people using wheelchairs),  an easy way of moving up and down to the floors
  •  enhanced mode of transportation to carry multiple people in a single trip


In Comparison to the Escalators

In comparison to having the escalators in your building, the commercial lifts offer:

  • Better and speedy transportation services. Escalators are a slow mode of transportation as compared to the commercial lifts;
  • Better mobility – it is easier for people with wheelchairs and other handicaps to travel in a lift;
  • Better space utilization –escalators are very much like the staircases. They occupy greater space than the lifts.

So make the smart choice and become the owner of an intelligent corporation by getting commercial lifts installed in your building. Contact us at the Prestige Lifting Services and we will custom design, manufacture and install the best quality commercial lifts for your building!

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    Gearless Machine-rom-less Lifts

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    Gearless Machine-rom-less Lifts

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    Gearless Machine-rom-less Lifts

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    Gearless Machine-rom-less Lifts

provides a complete lift design,

supply, manufacture, installation and maintenance service