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Home Elevators

“a investment to your home that will add convenience, style and value”

PLS offer a range of residential application lifts for new or existing homes. 

Prestige installs European home elevators. European home elevator producers Prestige sources are renowned for their quality and longevity of their lifts.


Add Value to Your Home

A well installed and maintained lift will add market value to your real estate. The shift of trend, towards luxurious, convenient and comfortable lifestyle allows you to increase the property value, by adding a home elevator to it. 

Save and Utilise Space

Home elevators are a great way of saving space that otherwise a traditional staircase would have occupied. The geometric designs of home elevators allow you to save valuable space in your home, which you can utilise for other purposes.

 Custom Interiors

PLS consider the interior design attributes to ensure that your lift is pleasing to the eye and is complimentary to your home environment. We offer a wide range of car interiors & door finishes to suit your needs.