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Home Elevators

“a beneficial investment to your home that will add convenience, style and value”

PLS offer a range of residential application lifts for new or existing low to medium rise homes. A well installed and maintained lift will offer you years of reliability and will add market value to your real estate.

Making Life Easy

Do away with the traditional staircase – give your home a contemporary touch with a hint of sophistication – enter the realm of easy living with PLS home elevators.

Our elevators for homes are ideal, convenient and good for usage. The home elevators manufactured by our company, offer, multiple, functional benefits. Not only, do they make your own movement easy, but also provide you in convenience in carrying the heavy items, from one end to the other. Home elevators add up to a quality lifestyle!


Mix It Up

If you get bored of the way things, placed in your home, then our home elevators make it easy for you, to re-decorate your home. The manufactured lifts by our companies offer easy mode of transportation to move about the furniture, shuffle the things around and to liven them up.


Add Value to Your Home

 The shift of trend, towards luxurious, convenient and comfortable lifestyle allows you to increase the property value, by adding a home elevator to it. The home elevators manufactured by our company, are designed keeping into consideration your aesthetic and functional needs.


Save and Utilize

Home elevators are a great way of saving space that otherwise a traditional staircase would have occupied. The geometric designs of home elevators allow you to save valuable space in your home, which you can utilize for other purposes.


Minimal Hazards

Home elevators are the perfect way of minimizing the stairs related accidents. Tripping down a flight of stairs, leaving something behind on the stairs and slipping on them, stubbing your toe while climbing up, are few of the common home accidents, that we might across, while using the stairs, which can be brought to a zero by having home elevators installed!

Contact us, if you want to add to the overall look of your home, while also, upgrading the living standards. Our elevators for homes can be made fashionable with numerous colour and design options!

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Custom Interiors

PLS consider the interior design attributes to ensure that your lift is pleasing to the eye and is complimentary to your home environment. We offer a wide range of car interiors & door finishes to suit your needs.

provides a complete lift design,

supply, manufacture, installation and maintenance service