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MRL or Hydraulic ?


How do I choose?

There are 2 main options when purchasing a new lift, Traction (MRL) or Hydraulic. Both have prefered applications, pros & cons, But how do you choose?
PLS have compiled a list of facts for you to review, but don’t worry, we will help you make the best decision with your needs & budget in mind. We don’t expect the everyday customer to understand the Technical descriptions commonly used & will gladly assist you in understanding how these products work & can be used to the best of their ability.For more help understanding your choices please CONTACT US


MRL – Motor Room Less

This revolutionary systems employs a smaller sheave than traditional elevators. Reduced sheave allows the machine to be mounted in the hoistway itself eliminating the need for a bulky, space wasting machine room on the roof. MRL is most suited to high usage applications & ensures a smoother, quieter performance with the most up to date technology available.



Hydraulic Lifts are the more traditional approach to elevators using basic technology. They are most suited to low usage applications and when budget constraints are an issue.

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