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Dumb Waiters

Why sweat yourself when the dumb waiters provided by Prestige Lifting Services can do all the heavy lifting for you?

Dumbwaiters are an efficient and cost effective way to transport easily, the items in your building. Whether you require it for your home or a business, dumbwaiters are valuable additions to your property. They can be designed to look sleek, stylish, modern and elegant. They can actually make your room appear bright, sophisticated and pleasant!

PLS can equip your property with dumbwaiters that are functional, durable and reliable, so you can enjoy quality living. Surfaces of the dumbwaiters are designed carefully with scratch-resistant material. The superior quality finishing of dumbwaiters make sure that they get easily and high in usage for long time.

If you own a hotel or a restaurant, then adding the dumbwaiters to it, would not only result in saving the labour cost, but also ensure the timely delivery within your hotel. It would also add to the luxury and prestige of your hotel or restaurant. Similarly, installing dumbwaiters in offices or other businesses provide an easy way of transporting documents, files, stationery, etc.

Even your homes can benefit from the dumbwaiters! With dumbwaiters, you can transport dishes, laundry and other items around your home in a moment! You do not need to do these backbreaking tasks yourself, because, the PLS dumbwaiters do them for you!

Dumbwaiters are trendy and in fashion. Since they are in line with the luxurious living and provide comfort and convenience, they are necessary have in your homes and businesses. They are especially useful for the people, whose health does not allow them to do the heavy lifting themselves. With dumbwaiters, physically challenged people can conveniently and easily, transport the items, up and down their homes.

Dumbwaiters also help in minimizing the accident risks that you are highly exposed to, while transporting the items. The probability of damaging the goods during transportation, or being hit, during the transfer is greatly reduced with the dumbwaiters.

So why not add some value to your property and make life easy for yourself, while saving on the costs? Contact us at PLS and we will custom design, manufacture and install superior quality dumbwaiters for your property – dumbwaiters that you can trust to give you optimum performance for a long period.

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